Last year I’ve started this tech blog and while I did not set any dates for how often I will publish, I had a gut feeling that it should be once a month. Obviously, that did not happen. However, I am still happy that I managed to write something approximately once every two months and most importantly, keep it consistent while covering subjects I am genuinely interested in.

Now, since we are in 2021 and onout is released in its early stage, few interesting ideas came into my head on how to create better user experience within the app. One of which is to introduce dynamic content delivery, so the user does not have to have its own soundbites/icons/gifs prior starting with freshly installed app. Possibly increasing user retention as well. And what more interesting solution would be if not to develop cloud native back-end using Go programming language to serve the content?! I’m in.

Previously, I used Golang only while writing code snippets for learning purposes, but this time, I will be able to utilize it in production environment - by serving media content using RESTful API. Let’s see where it takes!